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End of the School Year Survival Tips

Ok, that is it, I’ve had enough…I am SO tired! Please don’t tell me I am the only one?!? Every single time, this time of year I just can’t keep up with anything. The end of the school year is in sight and I am trying to power through but to be honest, right now I am just surviving. Week after week of survival mode. Parents, we’ve been at it since August. It is constant homework, notes to and from school, field trips, extra projects, extra money, after-school activities, the list goes on and on. We come back from winter break with a renewed spirit and by the time we get to spring holidays we are just limping along. I know the teachers are feeling it also. This year my oldest son is in third grade, so we have the extra of standardized testing and we are fried.

school desk with eaten apple, chalkboard and books

Don’t get me wrong I love our school, love our teachers and consider ourselves lucky that our school is pretty laid back compared to many others. I will support the school in every way possible but these last few weeks are always the hardest. I am trying so hard to hide this all from my son and keep cheering him on until the finish. I keep telling myself to just take it easy but sometimes that seems impossible. I came up with a list to help me make it through these last few weeks of school.


Yes, I know this sounds great but some weeks it just seems impossible, but I promise we can find some time. Leave the dishes for the night and play a board game. Hey, even just plant the whole family in front of the tv for the afternoon. No judgment here!



Handle time-sensitive, the must-dos first and then fit in what you can. I get it,  it is hard to say no especially when it keeps coming but saying no will be a lifesaver. Every Sunday, usually during dinner we have a family check in and talk about the items that we must do. Then we talk about extras that we may do; those still go on the calendar, but my boys know that everything is not going to happen.



This year I added a command station to our home. It has baskets for papers from school and papers that need to go back to school. I keep our schedule on a big calendar and list everything on a google calendar that my husband and I have access to also. We as a family discuss everything going on that week and what we can do to get ready. I color code the calendar for each person. Like I mentioned before everything is listed but I add a “?” mark next to anything that is not a priority and that we don’t HAVE to do.



Call up a friend or family member to help. Help could be picking up a child from school, watching them in the afternoon so you can run errands, cooking a meal or even meeting up to vent.



I always increase my caffeine intake about now and find little time for exercise so trying to find a balance is key for me to stay healthy and power through. I try to add more healthy foods and snacks throughout the day and lots of water.  I try to take advantage of a meal delivery service once a month just for a break and also Walmart grocery pickup. Any little thing that can give us a little bit of extra time during the week.

And lastly,


I love summer, the time of no strict schedules, no waking up at 6am to get everyone out of the house but those summer days can be long and stressful also. Especially if you are like me and work from home. This is the time of year to plan summer trips, summer camps, trips to the grandparents. Some places offer discounts for early bird registration. If you are local to Gainesville, make sure to check out the Fun4GatorKids summer activities expo for other ideas to keep your kids entertained throughout the summertime.

I would LOVE to hear your tips and tricks how you get through these last few weeks of school, help this mama out! Remember to show your teachers all your appreciation May 6-10 this year (this is on my must do list) and know there are other parents just like you, that are counting down the days until summer.

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