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The Best Natural Springs in North and Central Florida

natural springs in north and central florida

We have the ULTIMATE guide to all the natural springs in north and central Florida. These natural wonders are an incredible feature of our community and the surrounding areas, perfect for day trips, camping, and more.

FUN FACT! Did you know that springs run right underneath Gainesville! Next time you’re driving down Newberry Road, think about THIS just underneath you!

(Seriously though, watch this series of videos from and watch them track divers underneath our community!)

While you may not be venturing out to cave dive, you can certainly experience the beauty of Florida’s natural springs with your family. This is the perfect way to beat the heat. 

Our guide to the best natural springs in north and central Florida is broken down by county. All springs are within two hours of Gainesville, Florida…many even less that an hour away! 

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