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tooth fairy

Tales from an Unreliable Tooth Fairy – Emergency Excuses to Buy You One More Night as the Tooth Fairy

Traditions that surround losing a tooth, I’m sure, have been around ever since kids started losing teeth. Well, maybe not quite that long. I doubt Eve made a big fuss when Cain lost his first tooth. Actually, she probably screamed in horror over that little bloody incisor [concluding that the only obvious explanation is that […]

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why we have an elf on the shelf

Why We Have an Elf on the Shelf

It’s December! Who’s elf has arrived for the Christmas season? Maybe you just groaned. Maybe you’re excited for another year of holiday antics. Maybe, you could have been the one to write the criticism section of Elf on the Shelf on Wikipedia. This little doll is polarizing for sure, but he’s arrived at our house […]

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25 days of holiday cheer

25 Days of Holiday Cheer

25 Days of Holiday Cheer! It’s that time of year again! The countdown is on with 25 days of holiday cheer. There are trees, lights, sweaters and stockings everywhere. Each year we enter this season with excitement and the expectation that we will enjoy every moment with our family. We desire for our kids to […]

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creating fun during the holiday season

Creating Fun During the Holiday Season

Creating Fun During the Holiday Season It is always the fun, quirky activities at the holidays that our kids talk about throughout the year. The ones that are fun and engaging or even just a bit silly are the most memorable. As my kids get older and naturally more independent, creating fun during the holiday […]

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an open apology to stay at home moms

An Open Apology to Stay at Home Moms

Dear stay at home moms, I’m sorry for judging you for enrolling your kids in preschool. That seems like a weird statement, but sadly I must admit that this is something I have done. So, this is my open apology to stay at home moms.   Rewind a few years ago, I was working full […]

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don't blink

Don’t Blink

This past June, my son finished his first year of school. Like real school. Kindergarten. It seems like such a simple, small milestone, but to a momma’s heart it is huge. Now he’s in first grade, then he will graduate and be on to some amazing things in life.   In comparison to some of […]

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authentic self

Finding My Authentic Self

We do a lot of our dates at home (we’re homebodies plus we’ve got young kids and a limited spending budget so it works out well). Renting a movie isn’t usually our activity of choice but when it is we make sure we pick the right one by watching at least 27 previews first. Can anyone […]

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