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refusing new year's resolutions

Refusing New Year’s Resolutions

This year I am refusing New Year’s resolutions. Every year I rack my brain trying to figure out ways I can better myself, change my habits, lose weight, and eat better – but this year is going to be different. This year, I’m taking a stand. There will be no New Year’s resolutions in my […]

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boy mom

Why I Love Being A Boy Mom

When I dreamed of becoming a mom I always told people I didn’t care what I had as long as the baby was healthy. But in truth, I secretly wanted a boy. Not because I believed any of the old myths of “girls are more expensive to raise” or “girls are harder to raise” but […]

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help my kid has anxiety

Help! My Kid Has Anxiety

Help! My Kid Has Anxiety I remember the first time I felt anxious as a child. My cousin, who was a more mature peer, talked me into watching a movie called, “Arachnophobia.” Do you remember that 90’s thriller? It’s been almost 25 years, and I still do. What I remember the most was how I […]

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Hanukkah Traditions

By Allison Haller, Jennifer Sager, and Stacey Steinberg This year, Jewish families made a quick transition from Thanksgiving festivities to preparing for Hanukkah. Hanukkah, an eight-day holiday Jews celebrate, is also known as the “festival of lights.” Many years ago our Holy land was ruled by a group who tried to force Jews to assimilate […]

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25 days of holiday cheer

25 Days of Holiday Cheer

25 Days of Holiday Cheer! It’s that time of year again! The countdown is on with 25 days of holiday cheer. There are trees, lights, sweaters and stockings everywhere. Each year we enter this season with excitement and the expectation that we will enjoy every moment with our family. We desire for our kids to […]

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2018 gainesville fl moms blog reader survey

2018 Gainesville FL Moms Blog Reader Survey

This website and community were created for you and your feedback is incredibly important to us. We have been hard at work building a method for moms in the Gainesville area to have resources, guides, community, events, information and more to bring joy to your experience in motherhood...and hopefully make it a little easier. While [...]
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tips for thriving not just surviving in marriage

Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in Marriage

Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in Marriage My husband and I don’t have a century’s worth of matrimonial wisdom to impart, at the same time we aren’t totally newbies to the game either. We are somewhere in the middle… still uncovering things that work for us while also trying to be thoughtful about what […]

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10 ways for mom to practice self care

10 Ways for Mom to Practice Self Care

As moms, we usually put our own needs last because, by the time we get to thinking about it, we probably don’t feel like we have the time or energy to do anything about it. However, it’s a no-brainer that we shouldn’t neglect taking care of ourselves. So, mama, when is the last time you […]

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