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body shaming boys

Body Shaming Boys: It Hurts Them Too

Can we, as adults, quit talking about body shapes and sizes? This applies to everyone. Males, females, children, girls, boys… . I have sons and I’m quickly discovering body shaming boys hurts them too. Growing up as a “skinny” girl, I remember so many conversations to me or about me being so skinny from adults, […]

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summertime enrichment

Summertime Enrichment

We keep learning throughout the summer in our house. I try to make every trip out of the house fun, engaging and educational. Need help finding summertime enrichment ideas for your child? I’ve included some of our favorites and what we are working on this summer. Worksheets My oldest son’s school has provided every student […]

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children swimming at the beach in summer

The Countdown Is On…

The countdown is on…NINE more days until SUMMER! As the kids try to contain their excitement many parents (including me) look forward to the summer with mixed emotions. I love the more laidback schedule, not running out of the house just past 7 every morning, usually after thirty minutes of gently reminding (or yelling in […]

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easter basket with eggs

Creative Easter Basket Ideas – Without the Junk!

Easter is just around the corner and many of us will put on our “Easter Bunny” hat and treat our kiddos to a few surprises on Easter morning. As much as I love these traditions, it often feels like yet ANOTHER opportunity to accumulate junk and spend unnecessary money. This year, I really wanted to consider […]

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play doh materials

4 Kid-Friendly Rainy Day Activities

Spring is nearly upon us! With it comes warmer weather, blooming flowers, and longer daylight hours, which means more time to play outdoors. But let’s get real – we live in Florida! The weather can go from sunny to cloudy to stormy in a matter of minutes. Keep the kids (and yourself) entertained for those […]

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woman holding party balloons

Little Holidays, Big Smiles

I love surprising people. I love figuring out the things they love and surprising them with them. Cooking their favorite meal, showing up with coffee at their work, packing a surprise in their lunch, leaving a little note on their door, sending them flowers. I love to do this because people feel valued when the […]

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