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prevent child drowning child in water

Granger Smith’s Loss and Four Things You Can Do to Prevent Child Drowning

Another headline. Another child lost to drowning. The headline for the loss of Granger Smith’s child, 3-year-old River, evolved from “tragic accident” to “drowning death”. Summer is upon us, and while child drowning is a risk year-round, safety is especially important as we hit the pools, beaches, lakes, and rivers this season. [xyz-ihs snippet=”Granger-Smith”] Per statistics […]

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help my kid has anxiety

Help! My Kid Has Anxiety

Help! My Kid Has Anxiety I remember the first time I felt anxious as a child. My cousin, who was a more mature peer, talked me into watching a movie called, “Arachnophobia.” Do you remember that 90’s thriller? It’s been almost 25 years, and I still do. What I remember the most was how I […]

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black friday fitness deals

Black Friday Fitness Deals 2018

Black Friday Fitness Deals 2018 We often pay attention to the deals on toys, electronics, apparel and more during the post-Thanksgiving shopping sprees. But did you know, this is also an excellent time to find some amazing black Friday fitness deals to improve your health and fitness? Though my background involves work in a gym […]

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favorite fitness apps for busy moms

Favorite Fitness Apps for Busy Moms

Favorite Fitness Apps for Busy Moms Happy Fitness Friday! Last week, I shared some of my favorite fitness apps for kids. Today, it’s all about you, mom, with our list of favorite fitness apps for busy moms.   If you’re like me, you’re a busy mom. No matter how many tiny humans you have in […]

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fall sports gainesville

Fall Sports in Gainesville

Fall has become my favorite time of year here in Gainesville. The whole town comes to life with the start to a new year at the University of Florida and the start of the football season for the Florida Gators. And yes, I know we are in a rebuilding phase but that is ok, I […]

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favorite fitness apps for kids

Favorite Fitness Apps for Kids

Happy Fitness Friday! Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite fitness apps for kids. Let me immediately preface this by saying I do not condone apps as a replacement for good old fashioned outdoor play. The developmental benefits of playing indoors or outdoors, using the imagination, navigating textures and terrains, and running, jumping, […]

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fitness friday

Introducing Fitness Fridays

Hello readers! We’re excited to begin offering a new series called Fitness Friday on Gainesville FL Moms Blog. I’d like to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Catie, Owner/Founder of GFMB. I have a fairly diverse professional background. One of the hats I wear and have worn for many years is that of […]

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