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body shaming boys

Body Shaming Boys: It Hurts Them Too

Can we, as adults, quit talking about body shapes and sizes? This applies to everyone. Males, females, children, girls, boys… . I have sons and I’m quickly discovering body shaming boys hurts them too. Growing up as a “skinny” girl, I remember so many conversations to me or about me being so skinny from adults, […]

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summertime enrichment

Summertime Enrichment

We keep learning throughout the summer in our house. I try to make every trip out of the house fun, engaging and educational. Need help finding summertime enrichment ideas for your child? I’ve included some of our favorites and what we are working on this summer. Worksheets My oldest son’s school has provided every student […]

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children swimming at the beach in summer

The Countdown Is On…

The countdown is on…NINE more days until SUMMER! As the kids try to contain their excitement many parents (including me) look forward to the summer with mixed emotions. I love the more laidback schedule, not running out of the house just past 7 every morning, usually after thirty minutes of gently reminding (or yelling in […]

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free printable valentine cards

Free Printable Valentine Cards

Enjoy these Free Printable Valentine Cards Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we’ve got you covered with these emoji themed printable Valentine’s Day cards! Click here to download the printable file. The file includes 8 cards to a page (2.513″ x 3.875″ individual card) for easy printing and cutting. Print on cardstock at home, cut and […]

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working from home

Working from Home…Balance is Key!

Working From Home There seems to be a little misconception that working from home really means I am a stay at home mom and the income is just for fun. And for many, this may be true, but it wasn’t in my case three years ago when I realized that my full-time job of almost […]

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fall sports gainesville

Fall Sports in Gainesville

Fall has become my favorite time of year here in Gainesville. The whole town comes to life with the start to a new year at the University of Florida and the start of the football season for the Florida Gators. And yes, I know we are in a rebuilding phase but that is ok, I […]

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