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tooth fairy

Tales from an Unreliable Tooth Fairy – Emergency Excuses to Buy You One More Night as the Tooth Fairy

Traditions that surround losing a tooth, I’m sure, have been around ever since kids started losing teeth. Well, maybe not quite that long. I doubt Eve made a big fuss when Cain lost his first tooth. Actually, she probably screamed in horror over that little bloody incisor [concluding that the only obvious explanation is that […]

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tips for thriving not just surviving in marriage

Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in Marriage

Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in Marriage My husband and I don’t have a century’s worth of matrimonial wisdom to impart, at the same time we aren’t totally newbies to the game either. We are somewhere in the middle… still uncovering things that work for us while also trying to be thoughtful about what […]

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When You Fail Your Child

I remember the first time I held my babies, and how I held in those same arms an ache over a world that would fail them…over a mom that would too. It’s one of the parts of motherhood every mom carries. Of course, we also get to carry triumph, joy, success and countless moments of […]

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authentic self

Finding My Authentic Self

We do a lot of our dates at home (we’re homebodies plus we’ve got young kids and a limited spending budget so it works out well). Renting a movie isn’t usually our activity of choice but when it is we make sure we pick the right one by watching at least 27 previews first. Can anyone […]

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fail-proof guide to mother's day

A Fail-Proof Guide to Mother’s Day

Motherhood is like picking up a weight and never putting it down. It’s not that you ever really want to put it down, you just wish it didn’t always feel so heavy, or at least that someone could empathize with you in seasons when it does. Mostly that’s what mom friends do – and rightly […]

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how to be a mom in 2018

How to be a Mom in 2018

Most of the unclaimed time during my week is spent reading. However, there are a few things on TV that I will set down a book for. One of them is the show Naked and Afraid. If you’ve seen it you know that each episode chronicles the lives of two strangers who are dropped off […]

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