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what to read to your kid

What Should I Read to My Kid?

My 3-year-old son chooses a book before bedtime each night. Recently, he’s been choosing boring books, like an atlas for kids, so I send him back and demand he find a good storybook. Mama doesn’t spend her free time scrolling Instagram’s gallery of children’s book authors and illustrators just so her offspring can force her […]

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sick kid

Why do kids get sick often…

Because kids are gross, bottom line! I’ve seen articles and studies with all the reasons kids get sick…lack of sleep, the food they are eating and countless other ideas…and hey some of those may play a part but bottom line kids are just gross. I am sure I am like every other mother right now […]

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Sunday To-Dos

Sunday To-Dos for a Less Stressful Week

If our household is anything like ours, your weeks are often chaotic. Between school, work, homework, housework, and activities you are exhausted by the time Friday comes. Sometimes the weeks just drag on and feel like months. Over the years, my husband and I have come to realize that our week runs a little smoother […]

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florida natural history museum

Florida Museum’s Discovery Zone…

…An interactive playground for those looking to explore! My son’s first word was “ba.” What? Oh, you thought I meant “ball?” Well, that’s where you’d be wrong. See, when my boy yelled out, “Ba!” he was actually referring to a butterfly. My husband is a biologist, so maybe it’s a genetic thing? Plus, to be […]

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it takes a village

It Takes a Village

Violence in schools and in our communities. This headline and these occurrences are becoming all too regular. As a mother of a young elementary school student, it is getting harder and harder to drop my son at school. Weekly, there is some horrific event that makes me question if we are doing the right thing […]

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